Monday, February 1, 2010

Yokohama Ferry Terminal

I just got a book out called Flexible: Architecture that Responds to Change the passage on the Yokohama Ferry Terminal caught my eye. It only happens to be a coincidence that it's a ferry terminal, I'm more interested in the ideas behind the project rather than what it is.

"The top deck is a remarkable shifting ground place, a timber-clad pier that undulates to create an artificial landscape that is an extension of the city's Yamashita Park and consequently of the city itself. The client instigated this strategy by introducing the concept of Ni-wa-minato, a 'mediation' between the garden and harbour and also between the citizens of Yokohama and visitors from the outside world. The building therefore also became much more of a resource for local people who use the pier for relaxation and exercise, and the internal spaces as civic facilities."

I think this type of strategy can be part of what I'm looking at for Martha's Vineyard. Comments?????

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  1. That's so cool! Maybe the OB people who accidentally tore down the dock without checking first should build something like this!