Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vacancy and Threshold

Vacancy and threshold are two other topics that we talked about at my review, and I think the two biggest propellants for moving forward. The idea of vacancy goes along with Brian's comments on lack. Jon asked if architecture exists in vacancy. He noted that all of my drawings were absent of people and inhabitants; framing of the vacant.

In my woodblock print, the two thresholds took the most carving, the most subtraction, and are what divide the scene. They're what the eye gravitates towards. In my project, this is the 'slack time' that I've been writing about. It's the in between time that garners the most interest. Stuart Blazer gravitated to this idea as well, commenting that the threshold is a space in itself, a space to hone in on. This ties back into vacancy and lack because I have been studying the cycles of activity and dormancy. The vacancy is the threshold. I'm really interested in this positive/negative relationship.

I think the next step for me will be making conceptual models that are only subtractive. As you take away, you open up new opportunities. I think they then will be cast so the negative space becomes the vessel, the holder of a new cast material.

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