Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Miralles Reading

Yesterday, Thomas gave me some great notes on my thesis statement and asked some good questions to consider. Here's a snippet,

"...I believe part of the power and potential of your work lies beyond the resort town, and could open up new ways for architecture to consider its relationship to time. What is an architecture that can be understood in relation to the constant temporal flux that underlies it?"

I think that this is a really good question to ask and will help me broaden the scope of my work (while helping to focus it at the same time). Today I read a really good article about Enric Miralles' work with some quotes from him that seem very potent. This particular article was talking about The Igualada Cemetery project that Miralles did.

"Contemporary architectural settings are usually experienced as having their origin in singular moments of time. They evoke an experience of flattened or rejected temporality. Yet, the existential task of architecture is to relate us to time as much as to space... The mental roles of these two fundamental existential dimensions are curiously reversed. In terms of space, we yearn for specificity, whereas in our temporal experience we desire a sense of continuity. Consequently, architecture has to create a specificity of space and place, and at the same time, evoke the experience of temporal continuum." Pallasmaa, Juhani. The Space of Time. Oz. v.20 1998, pp54-57

"In temporary architectures I explore the idea of the journey. Through the journey you arrive at the idea of variations and you learn that these are as important as the final results... The end result is no more than a more defined vibration that grows our of all changes that have been between the initial project and the final construction. In its very formation, architecture incorporates the idea of the journey, of the variable." Zabalbeascoa, Anatxu: Miralles-Tiagliabue: Time Architecture. Ginko Press, USA, 1999.

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