Saturday, February 6, 2010

Modern Architecture

The reason I like modern architecture is because it's contextual. In most cases, the building responds to its surroundings to make it unique to that site and its conditions. This is why each project is different, has its own identity, and ultimately makes it exciting. Additionally, spaces in those buildings should be able to respond to changes not only throughout the year, but also diurnally. I was reading a passage about the Fukuoka Housing project by Steven Holl (1989-91) and really liked these lines:

"The 28 apartment interiors are conceptualized as "hinged space," a modern interpretation of the multi-use concept of traditional Fusuma. Diurnal hinging allows expansion of the living area during the day, reclaimed by bedrooms at night. Episodic hinging reflects change in family over time; rooms can be added or subtracted accommodating grown-up children leaving or elderly parents moving in."

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